5 indicators that Home Health Care Services is Right for You By Ken Banks

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I have been frequently asked by patients and their family members that – “Were there any signs that could have helped prevented me from going back into the hospital?” Although there is not always a clear answer to this question, I know that home health services have been proven to lower the rate of re-hospitalization. I started DirectMed Health Services to help patients and families in their homes who are suffering from chronic illnesses and have seen how this really is effective for a better way of living. I thought it would be helpful to list some of the indicators that Home Health Services is right for you or your loved one. Here are those 5 indicators:

Home is where the Heart is

Are you or your loved ones still in the hospital, have they not healed yet? Your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest emotions, no matter where you are. Patients feel they are more comfortable at home. The support of friends and family is priceless as emotional support can’t be computed. With home care services, family members can be more involved in the treatment. Patients’ morale is boosted when they heal at home. There is enough scientific evidence that suggests that patients have recovered quicker and lived longer when at home.

Medical Costs Escalation

Facing uncontrollable medical costs which are escalating beyond your savings? Recurring re-hospitalizations even after the treatment was done? Getting billed for many more medical tests? Home care prevents and even postpones institutionalization. With home care services, your medical costs are reduced (one-tenth of hospitalization costs, one-fourth of nursing home placement) as you can continue with one physician and one set of treatments instead of recurring hospitalizations. Compared to the lengthy inpatient hospitalizations, home health care services are less expensive (removes board and room expenses). There have been many hospitals in Illinois, Chicago who have been penalized for re-hospitalizations. Understand more about this here: http://www.dmhservices.com/solutions-to-lower-hospital-readmission-rates/. Home care services help you avoid re-hospitalizations and decrease the need for urgent care. Find out more at-http://www.dmhservices.com/why-directmed/

Safety standards

Quality decreases with increasing quantity. This reflects the kind of care the hospitals can provide too. Are the hospitals safe anymore? Are your loved ones getting the required care, the attention they deserve? Logically too, few staff members of a hospital can’t take care of the whole lot of patients. Home health care services can provide personalized, tailor-made care for each. Yes, homecare services give that one-to-one care and attention that is required. Home care is completely safe due to the many risks such as infections that are eliminated or minimized.

To live is To be Free

Have you already enrolled for assisted services? Are they running according to your schedule? Are they giving you the required care and deserved freedom? Home healthcare services, unlike assisted services or hospitalizations, allow for the maximum amount of freedom for the individual. Patients remain at home happy and engaged with their daily habits according to their health.

What about efficiency levels?

If we choose home care: Can we be stress-free? Can terminally-ill get any help? Is it as good as getting hospitalized? Yes, yes and yes. Technological advancements have made it possible to offer at home what a hospital can give. The quality of home care is much better due to the availability of highly trained and dedicated members (http://www.dmhservices.com/skilled-nursing-services/) who take this service not as a job but as their calling. Even patients suffering from chronic kidney disease can avail home care. To know more, click here: http://www.dmhservices.com/services/. Home care services are becoming the most preferred healthcare services for the Americans these days.

For more information on how DirectMed Health Services can help you, contact me, Ken Banks, President, and CEO of DirectMed at 312-642-5500 or at info@dmhservices.com

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