We, at DirectMed, provide you with physician care services at home. We help you manage your chronic illness and also provide you with ongoing primary medical care. We schedule visits by our primary care physicians as and when needed, typically every 4 to 12 weeks.

Our home care physicians also provide you with prescription refills and testing and specialist visits. All blood work, X-rays and other diagnostic services can also be done at home. We specialize in geriatric consultations, wherein our physicians help evaluate memory, physical capacity, mental capacity, fall risk and more.

Our physicians work as part of a consultation team, along with nurses, social services workers, paramedics, ancillary health workers and more, to help our patients get the care that they need. We also provide palliative consults, wherein we help with terminal care consultations and discussions, and help determine goals of care.

We provide physician care services for those patients who are elderly and at risk, who have serious mobility issues or difficulty leaving their homes, have serious multiple or complex health conditions, and who have been recently released from a hospital or nursing home.

For more information on our physician care services, do contact us at
312-642-5500 or click here.