Medical Social Service

Our medical social service workers help to keep patients at home in a safe and healthy environment. They also assist patient and their families in long-range planning and overall care opportunities.

Besides healthcare planning, medical social service workers help in several other ways, including the planning and coordination of community resources, assistance in emotional conditions to lifestyle changes, crisis intervention, financial aid applications, long-term counselling to help deal with lifestyle changes, grief counselling to help cope with loss, and help in preparing legal directives, such as a Will or Trust.

Besides working closely with patients, medical social service workers also work closely with caregivers. They educate and give emotional support to the latter, who often find their new roles extremely stressful and overwhelming. DirectMed medical social workers are trained to work with caregivers and listen to them as well as address their needs.

DirectMed medical social service workers encourage caregivers to avoid isolation by talking to other people in similar situations, joining support groups, and seeking support from family and friends. Our medical social service workers bring both knowledge and compassion to their unique roles.

For more information on our medical social services, do contact us at
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