Skilled Nursing Services

If you or your family member or friend is recovering from an acute or chronic illness and need continuing skilled home nursing care, These nursing services are provided by us on an intermittent, private, or hourly basis.

DirectMed provides skilled home nursing care that enables elderly, chronically ill, disabled and recuperating patients to receive the nursing care they need in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Our In-home nursing services are provided with the goal of promoting the highest degree of comfort, independence and recovery for our patients. We provide a range of nursing services, including but not limited to geriatric care and chronic kidney disease management. In-home nursing care, ventilator and tracheotomy care, care for chronic illnesses and injuries, orthopedic disorder care, brain and spinal cord injury care, palliative care, wound care, insulin therapy, pain management and more…

Our home health nurses not only provide you with these nursing services, but also work with your primary and secondary caregivers to teach them about your care. They also observe, manage and evaluate your care. Our nurses provide you with an individualized plan of care for each client at home.

Skilled home nursing care ensures that you as a patient, do not need to be admitted into a palliative or treatment centre like a hospital, hospice, or nursing home. Our skilled nurses provide you with specialized services built around your unique needs.

For more information on our In-Home Nursing Services, do contact us at
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