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The modulation effect of the known mirror osc4lation amplitude will vary as random drifts of the external cavity length change the phase of the returning light. Therefore, the laser modulation amplitude, due to the known mirror oscillation, must be determined each time simultaneously with the plasma measurement. T h e laser signal is displayed on two oscilloscope beams. One beam is set to display the imposcd modulation of the oscillating mirror. The plasma effcct is barely visible on the beam as a small wiggle on this trace.

Discussion of Dispersion Relations and Assumptions The three cases above are special cases of a single dispersion relation: k2 = $[ 1- w2(1 UP2 we/o)[l 1. 7 x 1015/sec. 6 x 104ne'12/sec. 8 x 107B,/sec. 2. THEORY For the effective collision frequency v we cannot be quite so precise. Taking the relaxation time, tci,for 90” total deflection of electrons as a result of distant collisions with singly charged ions at a common temperature T , one obtains’ 1 47re4nil n h y = - = tei (2m,)l/2(3k~)3/2 ’ where l n h is a slowly varying parameter of order 10.

This mcans that the plane of the linear polarization at z = Z is rotated by 0 = + ( k + - k-)Zrad. 20), and it follows from Eq. 26) that k + > l z - , the rotation is counterclockwise looking toward the source of radiation at negative z and is in the same sense as electrons gyrate about thc magnetic field. It is instructive to digress for a simple physical interpretation of the sense of rotation. 'I'he linear polarization is decomposed into two oppositely rotating circular polarizations. In the magnetized medium one of these rotates in the samc scnse that electrons gyrate.

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