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By Abner Shimony (auth.), Daniel Greenberger, Wolfgang L. Reiter, Anton Zeilinger (eds.)

From the very starting it used to be realised that quantum physics comprises extensively new interpretative and epistemological outcomes. whereas hitherto there was no passable philosophical research of those outcomes, contemporary years have witnessed the accomplishment of many experiments to check the rules of quantum physics, beginning up vistas to a totally novel expertise: quantum know-how. The contributions within the current quantity overview the interpretative state of affairs, study fresh primary experiments, and talk about the consequences of attainable destiny technological purposes.
Readership: Analytic philosophers (logical empiricists), scientists (especially physicists), historians of good judgment, arithmetic and physics, philosophers of technology, and complex scholars and researchers in those fields. can be utilized for seminars on theoretical and experimental physics and philosophy of technological know-how, and as supplementary studying at complicated undergraduate and graduate levels.

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The new quantum states created behind the interferometer can be analyzed with regard to their uncertainty properties. Analogies between a coherent state behavior and a free but coherently coupled particle motion inside the interferometer have been addressed [31 ]. In such cases, the dynamical conjugate variables x and p minimize the uncertainty product with identical uncertainties (~x) 2 = (~k)2 = 1/2 (in dimensionless units). Simple calculations show that for ( ~k ) 2 a value below the coherent state value can be achieved, which in quantum optic terminology means squeezing [49-52].

8). This feature shows that an interference pattern can be revived even behind the interferometer by means of a proper postselection procedure. In this case the overall beam does not show interference fringes anymore and the wave packets originating from the two different beam paths do not overlap. The momentum distribution has been measured by scanning the analyzer crystal through the Bragg-position. These results clearly demonstrate that the predicted spectral modulation (equ. (26)) appears when the interference fringes of the overall beam disappear.

Related NEUTRON QUANTUM EXPERIMENTS AND TIIEIR EPISTEMOLOGICAL IMPACT 31 bands of plane wave components which compose the wave packets may be considered as a responsible factor for the understanding of the coupling and non-locality phenomena in quantum mechanics. e. s than the size of the packets. This interaction guides neutrons of certain momentum bands to the 0- or H-beam, respectively. These phenomena throw a new light on the discussion on Schrodinger-cat-like situations in quantum mechanics [64,65].

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