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49, p. 335; 38, ch. 238, p. 105 – in ternary systems with chalcogenides 13, ch. 89, p. 191 – in ternary systems with metallic elements 13, ch. 88, p. 1 – in ternary systems with lead 38, ch. 237, p. 55 – in ternary systems with silicon 7, ch. 51, p. 1 – in rare earth binary alloys 8, ch. 54, p. 1 phase transitions – structural distortions and phase separation in YBa2Cu3Ox 31, ch. 195, p. 1 – in the elements at ultra high pressure 43, ch. 257, p. 275 – in R5T4 intermetallic compounds 44, ch. 262, p.

Therefore, most synthetic and analytical methods used in luminescence research can be transferred directly to the investigation of persistent luminescence. Nevertheless, there are some subtle (and less subtle) differences in approach needed, which makes it useful to review the experimental methods suited for studying the persistent luminescent materials. Some techniques which are specific to persistent luminescence—TL and afterglow characteristics—will be treated separately in more detail in Section 8.

264, p. 111 metal-hydrogen batteries 21, ch. 142, p. 133 metallofullerenes 41, ch. 249, p. 95 metallosupramolecular chemistry 47, ch. 272, p. 209 mineral resource – rare earths in deep-sea mud 46, ch. 268, p. 79 mineralogy 3, ch. 21, p. 1 minerals, crystal structures 16, ch. 108, p. 249 mining – of rare-earth-rich muds 46, ch. 268, p. 79 mixed valence systems – bremsstrahlung isochromat spectroscopy 10, ch. 70, p. 425 – calculation of 4f excitation energies 10, ch. 68, p. 321 – many-body formulation of spectra 10, ch.

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