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By Haynes R. Miller, Douglas C. Ravenel

Edward Witten as soon as acknowledged that Elliptic Cohomology was once a section of twenty first Century arithmetic that occurred to fall into the twentieth Century. He additionally likened our realizing of it to what we all know of the topography of an archipelago; the peaks are appealing and obviously hooked up to one another, however the specific connections are buried, as but invisible. This very energetic topic has connections to algebraic topology, theoretical physics, quantity conception and algebraic geometry, and these kind of connections are represented within the 16 papers during this quantity. a number of specific views are provided, with subject matters together with equivariant advanced elliptic cohomology, the physics of M-theory, the modular features of vertex operator algebras, and better chromatic analogues of elliptic cohomology. this is often the 1st selection of papers on elliptic cohomology in virtually two decades and offers a large photo of the cutting-edge during this vital box of arithmetic.

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1. Let U and V be two AH-modules and consider the H-module ∗ ∗ ∗ H ⊗R (U † ) ⊗R (V † ) . Exchanging the factors we may regard (U † ) ⊗R iV (V ) ∗ ∗ ∗ and iU (U ) ⊗R (V † ) as submodules of H ⊗R (U † ) ⊗R (V † ) . 2) ∗ U ⊗H V = iU (U ) ⊗R (V † ) ∗ ∩ (U † ) ⊗R iV (V ) . The module U ⊗H V has a distinguished real subspace ∗ ∗ (U ⊗H V ) = (U ⊗H V ) ∩ (I ⊗ (U † ) ⊗ (V † ) ), and the pair (U ⊗H V, (U ⊗H V ) ) defines a AH-module. 2. Let U, V, W be AH-modules. Then there are canonical AHhomomorphisms H ⊗H U ∼ = (U ⊗H V ) ⊗H W.

V ⊗H U and U ⊗H (V ⊗H W ) ∼ = U, U ⊗H V ∼ Two important consequences of this lemma are that firstly one can form symmetric and antisymmetric powers of an AH-module U denoted by S k U and ∧k U and secondly one can define AH-algebras, examples of the last construction are the symmetric algebra S ∗ U and the exterior algebra ∧∗ U . An appropriate choice of U gives a candidate for a quaternionic bosonic Fock space of a particle 3. Recall that using holomorphic quantisation – see for example the first section of Fadeev Lectures in [6] or chapter two of [9] one can identify the space of quantum states of a harmonic oscillator in terms of the holomorphic functions on the plane.

Let ω1 , ω2 , ω3 be the hermitian forms of J1 , J2 , J3 . Then the following conditions are equivalent (1) (J1 , J2 , J3 , g) is a hyperk¨ ahler structure, (2) dω1 = dω2 = dω3 = 0, (3) ∇ω1 = ∇ω2 = ∇ω3 = 0, where ∇ is the Levi-Civita connection of g. (4) The holonomy of ∇ is contained in Sp(n) and J1 , J2 , J3 are the complex structures induced by the holonomy. In the category T 3 closed hyperk¨ahler manifolds X appear as a vacuum to vacuum transition X : ∅ → ∅ and one can expect that they will be related to the partition function in any quantum field theory defined on T 3 .

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