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By Altshuler B.L., Aronov A.G.

Electron-Electron Interactions in Disordered conductors'' bargains with the interaction of disease and the Coulomb interplay. widespread specialists supply cutting-edge reports of the theoretical and experimental paintings during this box and make it transparent that the interaction of the 2 results is key, specifically in low-dimensional platforms.

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However on the other hand, fugacity expansions are not appropriate to describe the effects of short range forces. Already a few terms of a density expansion (canonical ensemble) give a good representation of short range interactions but they do not reflect bound state effects. We want to show that the chemical picture, which 49 is to be interpreted as a mixed representation based on the summation of classes of contributions, is combining the advantages of both descriptions. In the last part the thermodynamic functions are analyzed.

Following a proposal of Girardeau [3], we 58 identify "atomic" states in terms of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of P2(Xe, Xp lYe, Yp). More precisely, we write P2(Xe,X p lYe, Yp) = P2(X,y Ir-s) as a function of the relative mXe + MXp mYe + MY p . m+M s= m +M x = xe-Xp, y = Ye-Xp and center of mass coordmates r = (m = electron's mass, M = proton's mass). Because of translation invariance, P2 depends only on the difference r-s. For a given wave number q, we define P2 (x, YIq) = f dr eiqr P2 (x, YIr) (1) This quantity is the electron-proton pair reduced density matrix in terms of relative coordinates and with a fixed momentum Ii q of its center of mass.

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