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By C. E. Weatherburn

Initially released in 1930, because the moment of a two-part set, this informative and systematically prepared textbook, essentially geared toward college scholars, encompasses a vectorial remedy of geometry, reasoning that via such vector tools, geometry is ready to be either simplified and condensed. themes lined contain Flexion and Applicability of Surfaces, Levi-Civita's thought of parallel displacements on a floor and the speculation of Curvilinear Congruences. Diagrams are incorporated to complement the textual content. supplying a close review of the topic and forming an excellent starting place for examine of multidimensional differential geometry and the tensor calculus, this booklet will turn out a useful reference paintings to students of arithmetic in addition to to an individual with an curiosity within the heritage of schooling.

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Involutes. to another curve and is called Glf an When the the latter evolute of tangents to a curve G are normals an involute of the former, involute may be generated is called 0^ An Pig. 8. mechanically in the following manner Let one end of an inextensible string be fixed to a point of the curve G, and let the string be kept taut while it is wrapped round the curve on its convex Then any particle of the string describes an involute of G, since at each instant the free part of the string is a tangent to side.

A) = 0, by eliminating a from represented by regarded as a function of CD, y z The envelope provided a is is therefore t given by The normal to the envelope is then parallel to the vector dF fdF ,dFda + (fa da dot' + dFda dady' dy d_F dz + dFda\ tiafa)' which, in virtue of the preceding equation, is the same as the vector (i) Thus, at all common points, the surface and the envelope have the same normal, and therefore the same tangent plane ; so that they touch each other at all points of the charac- teristic.

C) (T/T obtained by differentiating the is to the evolute is thus parallel to the tangent to take n = -t, 1 (> + K,=> K cos and therefore c) -7- K 3 cos 1 _ "~ KT Sin (l/r + The unit binomial + c) ' COS (>|r + c) " to the evolute is b = ti x x The (i/r C) torsion is found HI by = cos (i/r + c) b + sin (ty + c) n. Thus differentiating this. ds1 T^D! T- = K Sin (A/T + c) t and therefore ds T^-KBinty + C)^3 /c Sin KT Sin + C) COS' J (T/T (i/r + c) ' (\jr + d) ' COS (-V/T -)- c) Thus the ratio of the torsion of the evolute to - tan (i/r + c).

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