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By John R. Rickford, Suzanne Romaine

This assortment in honor of creolist Charlene Junko Sato (1951-1996) brings jointly contributions via prime experts in pidgin-creole experiences in 3 fundamental components: Pidgin-Creole Genesis and improvement; Attitudes and schooling, and Creole Discourse and Literature. The kinds coated come from English, French and Spanish lexical bases and from locations as a ways aside as Africa, Australia, Hawaii, and the Read more...

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He nevah walk around all mad or anyting, he jes push up his glasses and look at da ceiling above our head and den, like Russo say, he went lift wit his mind. He set his feet den his hands and he make sure every finger stay in da right place. Den he move so fast, no can tell he starting to lift and da weight no like move den it start to move slow but den he so fast he bend his knees and move under da weight as da ting stay going up and his face stay strain and his back knee stay shaking and slowly, slowly he standing up; two feet straight, da bar pressing against his chest, da bar bending.

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I was still watching his muscle and getting tired of lifting da bar. I forgot how many I did awready. ” I went look around fo Russo. He was Cowboy Junior? I guess so, if my fahdah was Cowboy. I was looking in da mirror fo check if I had muscles yet. Wasn’t like Tommy Kono’s, of course, but I tink my arms was bigger. “Huh? No, I mean yes. Almost pau? ” “Two more. How’s about two more? ’ Give your muscles oxygen. Give your brain oxygen. Den you can go fo two more. Watch your form, no arch your back.

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