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And am herewith sending them] to the king, my lord. 8 The old-fashioned razor which stood [... ], even if [ ...... ], will be removed [from] the gate. 10 As to [the ... of] the tower, with reed [ ..... 121. 7-12 See copy. 8 naglabu (barber's knife) is associated with (culti() bath in a bilingual te~t describing the consecration of a priest (Borger, BiDr 30 165 i 47f). The implications In the present text remam unclear. 64 70. ME! ME! 6 [x x x x x ]-rn LVGAL be-Ii 7 [u-da x x x p ]a'-ni-u 8 [x x x x x x x] a-na mad-a-a rest broken away Rev.

The work [ ...... 4 ...... ] will go straight away and inspect the work in the Inner City; returning from the Inner City to Calah, he will go to the Chief Scribe, who will send a detailed report to the Palace. ku1-Iu-man [xxxxxx]xx[x] [To the kin]g, my lord: [your servan]t Tabsar-Assur. [Good health] to the king, my lord! 4 [As to Ass]ur-bessunu [the ... of whom] the king, my lord, [wrote to m Ie: "1 have given him [ ... ] oxen [ ...... (Rest destroyed) rest broken away Rev. beginning destroyed, then 7 uninscribed lines 74.

Break) '"' [ ...... " Whatever has been told to him [ ...... (Break) ,. [ ...... ] let me write [...... ] to the king, my lord [ ...... who we]nt [to ... ], their brothers [...... ] have come [...... ] FIG. 16. An Assyrian king preparing to cross a river in southern Mesopotamia. His men are inflating skins and using them as floats (about 630 Be). ORIGINAL DRA WING IV, 74. J7oodin ]g, I was not able to pass [... " ina UGu-hi su-u ina 14 That is exactly why I wrote to the Palace. Let them now do the crossing at that very place outside the ca[mp].

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