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By D. Repovs, P.V. Semenov

This ebook is devoted to the idea of continuing choices of multi­ valued mappings, a classical region of arithmetic (as some distance because the formula of its primary difficulties and strategies of options are involved) in addition to !'J-n sector which has been intensively constructing in fresh a long time and has came across a variety of functions usually topology, idea of absolute retracts and infinite-dimensional manifolds, geometric topology, fixed-point idea, sensible and convex research, online game concept, mathematical economics, and different branches of recent arithmetic. the basic leads to this the­ ory have been laid down within the mid 1950's through E. Michael. The booklet involves (relatively autonomous) 3 elements - half A: idea, half B: effects, and half C: purposes. (We shall discuss with those components just by their names). the objective viewers for the 1st half are scholars of arithmetic (in their senior 12 months or of their first 12 months of graduate college) who desire to get conversant in the rules of this idea. The target of the second one half is to offer a complete survey of the prevailing effects on non-stop decisions of multivalued mappings. it really is meant for experts during this sector in addition to should you have mastered the cloth of the 1st a part of the publication. within the 3rd half we current very important examples of functions of constant decisions. we've selected examples that are sufficiently fascinating and feature performed in a few feel key position within the corresponding components of arithmetic.

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Hence fn is a continuous "n -selection of the mapping F . From the inclusion Fn+p (x) Fn(x) and from the condition (ii) we have for any n p 2 IN and x 2 X , that (fn (x) fn+p (x)) dist(fn (x) Fn (x)) + diam Fn (x)+ + dist(fn+p (x) Fn+p (x)) < 3 "n + "n+p : Since "n ! 0, we obtain (d). 6) is thus proved. Remarks. 4)*. Let X be a zero-dimensional paracompact space, (M ) a metric space and F : X ! M a lower semicontinuous map with complete values. Then F admits a continuous singlevalued selection.

2). 3). The following properties of a paracompact space X are equivalent: (1) dim X = 0 and (2) Every open covering of X admits a disjoint open re nement. Proof. The implication (2) ) (1) is obvious. To prove the reverse implication we can assume that the original covering = fG g 2A of X is locally nite. 4) we can nd an open covering fV g 2A of X such that Cl(V ) G , 2 A (see points (a), (b) in the proof of this proposition). For each 2 A, the family fG X nV g is a nite open covering of X . ( ).

IR. Now we x a nite set of linear continuous functionals Li : B ! IR, i 2 f1 2 . . ng and our aim is to prove that Z (L1 L2 n. . Ln) 6= . To do this, we de ne a linear continuous mapping M : B ! IR by the equality y2B M (y) = (L1 (y) L2 (y) . . Ln (y)) and prove that the convex compactum M (Z ) IRn contains the point Z Z Z m = ( (L1 f )d (L2 f )d . . (Ln f )d ) : X X X Clearly, this inclusion implies that Z (L1 L2 . . Lm ) 6= . For, if m 2= M (Z ), then we can separate the point m and the convex compact M (Z ) by some hyperspace or, in algebraic terms, there exist a linear functional h : IRn !

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