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By V. A. Vassiliev

This ebook reports a wide type of topological areas, a lot of which play an enormous position in differential and homotopy topology, algebraic geometry, and disaster concept. those contain areas of Morse and generalized Morse services, iterated loop areas of spheres, areas of braid teams, and areas of knots and hyperlinks. Vassiliev develops a common technique for the topological research of such areas. one of many crucial effects here's a method of knot invariants extra robust than all recognized polynomial knot invariants. furthermore, a deep relation among topology and complexity idea is used to procure the easiest recognized estimate for the numbers of branchings of algorithms for fixing polynomial equations. during this revision, Vassiliev has further a bit at the fundamentals of the idea and class of embellishes, info on purposes of the topology of configuration areas to interpolation conception, and a precis of contemporary effects approximately finite-order knot invariants. experts in differential and homotopy topology and in complexity conception, in addition to physicists who paintings with string concept and Feynman diagrams, will locate this ebook an up to date reference in this fascinating zone of arithmetic.

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