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By Nancy Berns

In terms of the tip of a dating, the lack of a friend, or perhaps a nationwide tragedy, we're frequently advised we'd like "closure." yet whereas a few humans do locate closure for his or her discomfort and grief, many extra believe that closure doesn't exist and think the thought purely encourages fake hopes. Sociologist Nancy Berns explores those principles and their ramifications in her well timed booklet, Closure. Berns uncovers a few of the interpretations and contradictory meanings of closure. She identifies six kinds of "closure talk," revealing closure as a socially developed thought and a "new emotion." Berns explores how closure has been utilized extensively in renowned media and the way the assumption has been appropriated as a political device and to promote services and products. This ebook explains how the rush for closure--whether we discover it worthy, enticing, or enraging--is altering our society.

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One can also seek psychological closure, which is not to be confused with psychic closure. We are also told we need emotional closure, symbolic closure, political closure, and life closure. The broad concept of closure I am discussing here is the type that people use to refer to the end to a traumatic event or an emo- Cl osu r e a n d Its Ta ngl e d M e a n i ngsâ•… 19 tional process. I am not discussing computer programming, zippers, surgical procedures, or roadblocks. ”8 People have space to freely and publicly define their own view of closure since there are multiple Internet sites that invite personal definitions.

They are working on continuing the story of Caylee’s life, not ending it. They want to remember, not forget. And it is possible that some of Caylee’s family members want revenge while others seek forgiveness. Each of these responses might be an attempt at closure. Yet others may not believe in closure or want it. It should now be obvious that closure is used to discuss a broad range of topics, often in contradictory ways. It is no wonder, then, that there is confusion about the concept. Not only are different types of issues at play in closure talk but a wide variety of people use the concept, each of whom tries to influence how you think about grieving: salespeople, politicians, friends, journalists, onlookers, and counselors.

Examining whether or not one uses past-tense verbs is not a rigorous way to measure closure. This research on closure fails to take into account both the various interpretations of closure and the diverse types of situations and individuals involved in closure talk. Other psychiatrists, psychologists, and grief counselors say that closure is a troubling myth. For example, psychiatrists Frank Ochberg and Gordon Livingston both reject the idea that closure exists. Similarly, grief expert Kenneth Doka also denies the notion of closure.

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