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De yo , R. A. , a n d Tsui-Wu, Y. ( 1 987) Descriptive e p id e mio lo gy of low-back pain and i t s related medical care in the U ni ted Daltroy, States. Spine, 1 2(3), 264 - 2 68 . Dueker, ]. A . , Ritchie, S. M . , Knox, T. ]. , et al. i n eti c trunk t e s t ing and em p loym en t . ]OM, 36(1), 4 2 - 48 . Ebrall, P. ( 1 994a) The epidemiology of male adolesce n t low back p ain i n a north submban p o p ulation of Melbourne, A u s t ra lia . ] Manip Physiol Ther, 1 7(7), 447- 4 5 3 Ebra U , P S .

Banie, M . c . , B i go s , S . J. Fis h e r, L . D . , et a l . (1 989a) A p ro sp e ct i ve study of the role of cardiovascular risk factors a n d fitness i n industria l back pain c o m pl a int s . Spine, 1 4(2), 1 4 1 - 1 4 7 . M . , Bigos , S . J. Fisher, L. D . , e t a t . ( 1 989b) Isometric lifting strength as a predic t o r of industrial back Batti e , pain reports . Spine, 14(8), 85 1 - 8 56. Ba t ti e, M. , B igos , S. ] . , F i s he r, L. , et al. ( 1 990a) Anthropometric and clinical measures as p redic rors of back pa i n c o m p l a in t s in i n d us t ry : A p ros p ective stUdy.

Being associated with low back p a in . The odds ratio is ass oci a ti on . An' adjusted' odds ratio is an odds ratio for the Scandinavian countries . We know Secondly, back very pain is little very Estimates of th e ye arly incidence ra nge confou ndi ng or ass ociated factors . 9%, point prevalence ranges from around 10 t o over 50%, and lifetime pr evalenc e ranges from abou t 14 to over 70%. Even the con­ way to report the ass ociation between a factor and low s ervative estimates of the frequen<:y of back pain di vi ding the incidence of back pain a mong s t the affected.

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