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By Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen

This ebook relies on a graduate direction taught via the writer on the college of Maryland. The lecture notes were revised and augmented by means of examples. the 1st chapters boost the common conception of Artin Braid teams, either geometrically and through homotopy concept, and speak about the hyperlink among knot concept and the combinatorics of braid teams via Markou's Theorem. the ultimate chapters provide an in depth research of polynomial overlaying maps, that could be seen as a homomorphism of the basic team of the bottom area into the Artin Braid staff on n strings.

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The stable sphere of Ii dimension r. We have x = Sn+r n for n 2: r + 2 Xn = pt. otherwise. He have to assume that Warning. r 2: o. Since spheres of positive dimension only are available in this category it is not always possible to desuspend an object. This is a great blemish from the ha:;:'e fS point of view. 'lrJith this category I wish to do three things, 1) To justify it by shovJing that at least some pheno- mena of classical stable homotopy theory go over into this category. 2) To make it familiar, by shoHing that some of the familiar theorems for spaces go over into this category.

H. C. ,lex by attach- ing cells. :s 2n - 2. Te n t X n-l :# Sl = can compose maps in the obvious fashion. A homotopy h: f .. " g between two such maps is a se- quence of homotopies h : (I )( X ) 2n-2 - > n n keeping Y n base points fixed and commuting with ~Sl in the obvious fashion. s follows: x X" x X n/r )( X ) o 2n-2 Xo = vertex of X n r want to apply notions from the general theory of categories, the word morphism is to be interpreted as a homo- 27 topy class of mappings. But He alloH ourselves to keep the notion of maps so that vfe may speak of inclusion maps, etc.

The history of the subject shows, in fact, 59 tha t i-Jheneyer a chance has arisen to show that a differont:tal dr is of jO~T - no~-zero, the experts have fallen on it with shouts "Here is an interesting phenomenon! chance to do some nice, clean resellrchl l1 - Here is a and they have solved the problem in short order. ount of tedious mechanical work: but the process finds few people willing to take it on. In this situation, what vTe want is theoroms which tell s ' t groups. Now it is a fact that us the v~lue of the Ext A Ext~,t groups enjoy a certain limited amount of periodi- the city, and I would like to a~proach this topic in historical order.

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