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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.

Archdeacon caught used to be seeing halos shaped in moonlight. Their sunlight hours opposite numbers are unusually universal, not just within the arctic yet in temperate climates in addition. Many halos are attainable, forming arcs of coloured or white gentle nearly wherever within the sky. Their occasional brilliance, kind, and unique shapes have inspired skywatchers for centuries.

This ebook introduces halos and attempts to show a few of their good looks. It tells a lot of what's identified approximately them: how they come up, how such a lot of are attainable, and why a few are infrequent, whereas others happen each few days or so. No such insights, in fact, are useful for the joy of a halo show; certainly, an difficult show is one among Nature's wonders. however, realizing can upload to leisure, in particular because the makings of an outstanding show turn into as outstanding because the exhibit itself.

Chapter 1 Halos from Plate Crystals (pages 1–12): Walter Tape
Chapter 2 Halos from Column Crystals (pages 13–27): Walter Tape
Chapter three Halos from Parry orientated Crystals (pages 29–44): Walter tape
Chapter four The 22° and forty six° Halos (pages 45–51): Walter Tape
Chapter five Why Are the infrequent Halos infrequent? (pages 53–57): Walter Tape
Chapter 6 The function of sunlight Elevation (pages 58–68): Walter Tape
Chapter 7 Subhorizon Halos (pages 69–76): Walter Tape
Chapter eight chilly climate Halos (page 77): Walter Tape
Chapter nine Organizing the Halos (pages 78–81): Walter Tape
Chapter 10 Pyramidal Crystals and peculiar Radius round Halos (pages 82–94): Walter Tape
Chapter eleven Hevel'S Halo and different Mysteries (pages 95–104): Walter Tape

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64 Antarctic Research Series Atmospheric Halos Vol. The 46 øhalo, a muchlargercircularhalo, is seenfar lessoften. A light ray for the 22øhalo tums out to be like parhelionand tangentarc rays; it entersa prism face of a crystaland exits an alternateprismface. A ray for the 46ø halo is like circumzenitharc, supralateralarc, and infralateralarc rays;it entersa prismface andexits a basalface, or vice versa. A secondassumptionhas been that the crystals that will orient randomlyare equidimensional,or perhapsvery small or very large.

The reality reality of of Parry Parry orientations, orientations, but but simulations simulations will will predict predict characteristic characteristic halos halos from from the them, and photographs will confirm the existence of the halos. All such halos, however, them,andphotographs willconfirm theexistence of thehalos. All suchhalos, however, are rare; rare; the the displays displays in in this this chapter chapter are are extraordinary. extraordinary. are Display 3-1 3-1 Display South Pole, Pole, January January 21, 21, 1986 1986 South The simulation below shows shows the the halos halos theoretically theoretically expected expected from from column column crystals crystals The simulation below having nearlyperfect Parryorientations, thatis,fromcolumns havingtwoprismfaces almost exactly horizontal.

64 53 CHAPTER WHY ARE THE RARE 5 HALOS RARE? If youhaveneverwatched thesky,youwill be surprised to find thathalodisplays occurfrequently • morethan100daysa yearin my experience. I amreferringnotto the Antarcticinterior,whereconditions are exceptional, but ratherto my experience in Wisconsin, whichis probablyrepresentative of temperate conditions. ,just do not seemto occurundernormal atmosphericconditions. Considerthe simulationshownin Figure 5-1, and rephrase the question. Why are thereso few displaysas goodas the simulation?

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