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By Zénaïde Alexeïevna Ragozin

This Elibron Classics publication is a facsimile reprint of a 1888 version by way of T. Fisher Unwin, London.

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5), affinity with that of early although for their writing they made use of signs or hieroglyphics entirely of invention, and unlike either the cuneiform or Egyptian writing. Little has been done as yet their own for the decipherment of such Hittite inscriptions as have been recovered. But when we consider that as late as ten years ago no one yet dreamed of the existence of a great Hittite nation, and a Hittite empire reaching from the frontiers of Egypt to the we shall wonder not that be should accomplished, but rather that so shores of the Bosphorus, so little S$ THE STORY OF ASSYRIA.

KHETAS, whom we know from the Bible as 29 HlTTlTES a great and powerful people, spreading over an im'mense territory, far beyond the bounds of the lands thus far surveyed, and who were reachthe height of their glory just as Assyria began ing It is always the to emerge from insignificance. we have Khetas against whom the Pharaohs' expeditions are principally directed, and from whom they encounter and the most heroic and well-regulated resistance the Khetas defeat (cV them, though they generally are the only enemies with whom they occasionally treat on equal terms, and whom they mention with ; The coalirespect, as foes worthy of themselves.

219-225. THE STORY OF ASSYRIA. 26 have been as much in the latter's favor as his skill in interpreting dreams (this accomplishment, by the way, an inheritance from Chaldaea). The coming into of the small Egypt Hebrew tribe (now already and grandsons, Jacob, souls in his besides sons' wives (Genesis, all, seventy called xlvii. C. C. 1700 14. 1662 is given as a probable date. But mere deliverance from the foreign yoke did not satisfy the Egyptians' ings of mortification. -for retaliation, and it long pent-up feel- They thirsted for revenge, was this passionate desire them from a peaceful, homea into race of eager, insatiable invadabiding people became alike possessed with ers.

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