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4, respectively. Their dimensions are chosen to overlap those adopted by some previous work (Schlamp et al, 1975, 1976; Pitter et al, 1973; Pitter and Pruppacher, 1974; Pitter, 1977; Miller and Wang, 1989) so that the results can be compared. In the following we discuss the results for each crystal type separately. 66 54 PAO K. 1. Comparison with Experimental Results Before we present the complete results of the flow fields around falling ice columns, it is of interest to compare the numerically calculated and experimental measured results so that the validity of the numerical scheme can be checked to a certain degree.

25) can also be used to describe spheres and spheroids, provided we replace cos~\z/kC) by unity. The remaining equation then describes an ellipse. By rotating the ellipse about the z-axis, we obtain spheroids. If a < C, prolate spheroids result. If a > C, oblate spheroids result. In the special case where A = C, spheres result. While Eq. 25) appears to be a reasonably good approximation to many conical hydrometeors, one also may note that it still represents an idealization. Natural conical hydrometeors, especially conical graupel and hailstones, may differ considerably from the idealized conical shape.

28) We need not consider negative values of A,, since z can be either positive or negative. When A. 29) so that Eq. 30) which is the equation of an ellipse with horizontal and vertical semi-axes na/l and C, respectively. Since it represents the limit as A -^ oo, it may be conveniently called the limiting ellipse. Curves representing Eqs. 19. We see that Eq. 25) defines a pear-shaped curve. It will be shown later that Eq. 25) can approximate the shape of conical hydrometeors. 19 represents an axial cross section only.

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