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By Christopher Belshaw

10 strong questions on lifestyles and Death makes us re-examine approximately one of the most very important concerns we ever need to face.

  • Addresses the basic questions that many people ask approximately lifestyles and death.
  • Written in a fascinating and easy kind, excellent for people with no formal heritage in philosophy.
  • Focuses on typically reflected concerns, similar to: Is existence sacred? Is it undesirable to die? Is there lifestyles after dying? Does existence have that means? And which existence is best?
  • Encourages readers to consider and reply to the human condition.
  • Features case reviews, thought-experiments, and references to literature, movie, track, faith and myth.

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41 GQAC03 41 02/14/2005, 03:40PM Is it Bad to Die? It’s hard not think the Epicureans are on to something. After all, much of what they say about death is, many of us think, true, and importantly true. There is no pain, no frustration, no regret in death. And, unlike anaesthetics and drugs, there’s no future price to pay for this oblivion. So it’s true that being dead won’t feel bad. Admittedly, it’s true too that when we are alive, the future matters to us, true that we plan, and as human beings need to plan, to give life some shape.

And to get clear about this we need, once again, to make a number of distinctions. 30 10 Good Questions about Life and Death GQAC03 30 02/14/2005, 03:40PM Let’s get these distinctions in place now, at the outset, and it will be easier to stay clear later. Some Distinctions First, then, distinguish dying from being dead. Dying is a process, often long and drawn out, and too often painful, that we undergo while alive. Indeed, only the living can be dying. It’s a process, of course, that usually ends in death.

Perhaps there are different examples elsewhere? Some people think it would be bad if great works of art, or 42 10 Good Questions about Life and Death GQAC03 42 02/14/2005, 03:40PM great works of nature were destroyed, even if none of us ever regretted that destruction, and the consequent loss. Imagine that Titian, in his glory days, painted even more fine canvases than we now have, but then, a perfectionist and moody, destroyed them before anyone else could see them. Or imagine a nuclear war. Our species is the first to go.

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