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By Ludger M. Szklarski

Underground electrical Haulage specializes in the locomotives utilized in glossy mine railways. The locomotives of many differing kinds are used for such underground operations as amassing on the loading issues, shunting on the pit backside, hauling man-riding autos, yet essentially hauling fabric autos at the major haulage roads of the mine.
The locomotives for underground haulage fall into 3 major teams: (1) compressed-air locomotives, (2) internal-combustion locomotives, and (3) electrical locomotives. as far as electrical haulage is anxious, the locomotives should be divided into kinds: (a) trolley locomotives and (b) storage-battery locomotives. along with those major forms there also are a variety of combos, corresponding to trolley locomotives with batteries, cable-reel locomotives with a reel for the automated unwinding and completing of the cable, and trolley locomotives outfitted also with the cable-reel gear. The e-book is geared up into 3 elements. elements I and II discusses trolley locomotives and storage-battery locomotives, respectively, whereas half III bargains with calculations in mine traction engineering.

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Underground Electric Haulage

Underground electrical Haulage makes a speciality of the locomotives utilized in sleek mine railways. The locomotives of many differing kinds are used for such underground operations as collecting on the loading issues, shunting on the pit backside, hauling man-riding cars, yet basically hauling fabric vehicles at the major haulage roads of the mine.

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The term maximum rating is not very precise, but it is often used in literature; the term refers to the output a motor can yield over short periods without any sparking at the collector and without any damage to the motor or the windings. The maximum rating usually amounts to between 175 and 200 per cent of the one-hour rating. FIG. 1. Simplified power circuit of series motor U)—trolley wire; (2)—starting resistance; (3)—field winding; (4)—interpole winding; UQ—voltage at trolley wire. A simplified diagram of the power circuit of the series wound motor is shown in Fig.

6). As β increases the tilt angle of the tangent to the characteristic at a given point decreases. 6), we have U tana = - ^ = Kßl* When U and k'm are constant, the coefficient of the angles, which the tangents of the curve form with the current axis, is inversely proportional to coefficient ß. 58 Underground Electric Haulage A family of characteristics obtained by changing the flux φ when U and R are constant is shown in Fig. 5. The horizontal asymptotes of the characteristics shift down as the value of β becomes lower.

Enclosing of traction motors is made necessary by the exceptionally hard conditions of underground working, but tends to increase the size and weight of the motors. Different types of traction motors are to be seen in Figs. 6. The one-hour rating of the motor of Fig. 4 is 20 kW at 220 V. The simplified diagram in Fig. 6 shows the cross-section through a Westinghouse motor working in conjunction with the worm-gear shown in Fig. 24. 2. WINDINGS The motors of electric locomotives for underground mine haulage usually have four field poles and four interpoles.

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