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By Antonello Provenzale, Elisa Palazzi, Klaus Fraedrich

This quantity offers an summary of the fluid elements of the weather approach, concentrating on simple elements in addition to fresh examine advancements. it's going to assemble contributions from assorted fields of the actual, mathematical and engineering sciences. the amount might be worthy to doctorate scholars, postdocs and researchers engaged on diverse facets of atmospheric, oceanic and environmental fluid dynamics. it is going to even be of curiosity to researchers drawn to quantitatively knowing how fluid dynamics should be utilized to the weather procedure, and to weather scientists prepared to realize a deeper perception into the fluid mechanics underlying weather methods.

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Sutton and Hodson (2005) found that sea level pressure, precipitation and temperature over Europe and North America, particularly during June-August, are affected by the AMO. , 2001). There is a negative correlation between the AMO index and 26 H. A. Dijkstra rainfall over the Mississippi basin and a positive correlation between the AMO index and rainfall in Florida. This means that there is on average less (more) rain over the Mississippi catchment area and more (less) rain over Florida when the AMO index is high (low).

E. they are statically stable. However, in both fluids deep convective motion can be set up, and this will be discussed in the next section. 2 Conditional instability The atmosphere is often conditionally unstable, meaning that the instability is conditioned to a large enough displacement. A subsaturated parcel adiabatically displaced vertically by a small distance typically oscillates around its original position, but if it is displaced by a larger distance its temperature might decrease (following a dry adiabat) to the point the parcel becomes saturated (the level at which this happens is the lifting condensation level, LCL).

Please notice that the term moist adiabatic lapse rate is usually not referred to Γm , but rather to the saturated adiabatic lapse rate that we’ll discuss in the following. 4 Potential temperature and adiabatic lapse rates for a saturated atmosphere We now focus on the case in which phase transitions of water between the gaseous and the liquid phase are allowed, and consider the specific entropy of a mixture of gases (dry air and moisture) and liquid water. We consider the transition from a state characterized by a temperature T , pressure p and specific mass of dry air qd , specific mass of total water qt , subdivided into the specific mass of liquid water ql and of water vapor qv = (qt − ql ), to a state at temperature T0 , pressure p0 , and specific mass of water vapor qv0 = 0, meaning that all water is in the liquid phase.

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