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By John Reeves

This quantity examines the transmission of biblical pseudepigraphic literature and motifs from their principally Jewish cultural contexts in Palestine to constructing gnostic milieux of Syria and Mesopotamia, rather that one mendacity in the back of the beginning and progress of Manichaeism. It surveys biblical pseudepigraphic literary task within the past due old close to East, devoting exact awareness to revelatory works attributed to the 5 biblical forefathers who're mentioned within the Cologne Mani Codex: Adam, Seth, Enosh, Shem, and Enoch. the writer presents a philological, literary, and religio-historical research of every of the 5 pseudepigraphic citations inside the Codex, and gives hypotheses in regards to the unique provenance of every quotation and the capability in which those traditions were tailored to their current context. This learn is a vital contribution to the scholarly reassessment of the jobs performed by way of moment Temple Judaism, Jewish Christian sectarianism, and classical gnosis within the formula and improvement of Syro-Mesopotamian non secular currents.

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8a). 16 Bereshit 55b: ‫דכד הוה אדם בגנתא דעדן נחית ליה הקב״ה ספרא על ידא דרזיאל מלאכא קדיש״ ממג״‬ ‫על רזי עלאין קדישין וביה גליפין גלופי עלאין וחכמה קדישא ושבעין ותרץ זיני דחכמת״ הוו מתפרשין מניה‬ ‫ לשית מאה ושבעין גליפין דרזי עלאי וכוי׳‬. See Sefer ha-Razim (ed. 17; L. 117-18, 177. , ad Hos 3:4; Mic 5:11; Mai 3:5. See Commentarius in librum duodecim prophetarium quem composuit Daniel al-Kumissi (ed. I. Markon; Jerusalem: Mekitze Nirdamim, 1957). See also J. 76 line 2, 79 line 5, 81 lines 1-2; cf.

Muntner, Mavo' le-sefer Asaf ha-Rofe' (Jerusalem: Geniza, 1957) 147 lines 1-2. Regarding Sefer Asaph, see now M. Himmelfarb, "Some Echoes of Jubilees in Medieval Hebrew Literature," Tracing the Threads: Studies in the Vitality of Jewish Pseude pigrapha (SBLEJL 6; ed. C. Reeves; Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1994) 127-36, as well as the further discussion in Chapter Six below. xxx; Sefer ha-Razim (ed. Margalioth) xiii, 37. al-Tabarl, Ta'rikh ar-rasul wa-l-muluk (cf. ; ed. J. 173 line 3, 174 lines 6, 8-9).

99 (ibid. 246-47). Codex Brucianus contains two tractates which have been published under the designation "the Two Books of Jeu," but aside from their obvious a f f i n i t i e s with passages cited in Pistis Sophia, there appear to be few (if any) links with known Enochic lore. The standard editions are Pistis Sophia (NHS 9; ed. C. Schmidt and V. MacDermot; Leiden: Brill, 1978); The Books of Jeu and the Untitled Text in the Bruce Codex (NHS 13; ed. C. Schmidt and V. MacDermot; Leiden: Brill, 1978).

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