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By Michael C. Kearl

Arguing that loss of life is the principal strength shaping our social existence and order, Michael Kearl attracts on anthropology, faith, politics, philosophy, the common sciences, economics, and psychology to supply a huge sociological point of view at the interrelationships of existence and dying, exhibiting how loss of life contributes to social swap and the way the meanings of loss of life are generated to serve social features. operating from a social in addition to a mental standpoint, Kearl analyzes conventional issues, together with getting older, suicide, grief, and scientific ethics whereas additionally analyzing present matters akin to the impression of the AIDS epidemic on social belief, governments' use of dying symbolism, the company of dying and demise, the political financial system of doomsday weaponry, and loss of life in pop culture. Incisive and unique, this e-book maps the separate contributions of assorted social associations to American attitudes towards dying, watching the effect of every upon the wider cultural outlook on lifestyles.

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F. Lloyd Warner (1959), for instance, 24 ENDINGS defined human culture as the symbolic organization of the remembered experiences of the dead as it is felt and understood by the living. He adds that the human condition of individual mortality and the comparative immortality of our species and social institutions make most human activities, in essence, an exchange of understanding between the living and the dead. Cultural Responses to Death A basic accomplishment of any cultural orientation is its capacity to give symbolic order and meaning to human mortality, assisting the individual with "coming to terms with death [by comprising] a refutation of the meaninglessness of life that death, even longed-for death, appears to proclaim" (Choron 1964, p.

As a result, for the first time in Western history, it is the here and now that is considered paradise and the hereafter that is unknown. And it is the quantity, not the quality, of life that has come to be culturally revered. Chapter 7 details the relationship between death and work, a connection that has existed ever since the eviction from Eden, when Adam and Eve were made mortal and forced to labor. Despite the social evolution of the workplace, work continues to kill and will continue to do so as long as it is cheaper to pay off the victims' survivors than to incorporate safety features.

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