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By F. A. Benson D.Eng., Ph.D., F.I.E.E., Sen.M.I.E.E., F.Illum.E.S. (auth.)

Electrical-engineering and electronic-engineering scholars have often to unravel and simplify fairly advanced circuits so that it will comprehend them or to procure numerical effects and a legitimate wisdom of easy circuit conception is consequently crucial. the writer is particularly a lot in favour of tutorials and the fixing of difficulties as a mode of schooling. adventure indicates that many engineering scholars stumble upon problems after they first practice their theoretical wisdom to sensible difficulties. Over a interval of approximately 20 years the writer has accrued a number of difficulties on electrical circuits whereas giving lectures to scholars attending the 1st post-intermediate years of Uni­ versity engineering classes. the aim of this e-book is to give those difficulties (a overall of 365) including many suggestions (some difficulties, with solutions, given on the finish of every bankruptcy, are left as pupil workouts) within the desire that they're going to turn out of worth to different academics and scholars. suggestions are separated from the issues so they aren't noticeable accidentally. the answer's given on the finish of every challenge, notwithstanding, for comfort. elements of the ebook are in keeping with the author's earlier paintings electric Engineering issues of strategies which used to be released in 1954.

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S. is applied to the following circuit. Find the current in each limb, the total current (magnitude and phase) from the generator, and the power dissipated in the circuit. Ion 100V 20n ... ... 10n r [Ans. 6°; 1000 W] 174. Show that the instantaneous current i in the circuit illustrated is: PROBLEMS 174-177 47 Give a sketch of a phasor diagram for the system showing the applied voltage, the two branch currents and the resultant current. RC Vsinwt 175. c. voltage source V connected between A and C.

Show that in order to calculate the power in the load either the current in the circuit or the value of the standard resistor must be known. O·l] 151. (a) One method of measuring power-factor is to use a wattmeter connected as shown. Let the voltage, current and power-factor of the load be V, I and cos eP respectively. Let the voltage coil of the wattmeter have a resistance R and a negligible reactance. j [R 2 n 2 2 +(1/w C)] = 2-rr x frequency. r::::::-------------~o ~~y R _ s ~ad (b) If the circuit is arranged such that R = l/wC, show that the power-factor cos c/lis given by l/J(4a z - 4a + 2) where a = W 2 /Wi • 152.

S. values of the waveform. s. value? [Ans. 0'54 E; 0·58 E; 0·44 E) 188. The output-voltage waveform from a controlled rectifier is as illustrated, where the delay angle is 7T/3. s. values of the waveform. [Ans. 0·48 E; 0·63 E) 189. The power absorbed by an inductive load is measured by the three-ammeter method. The current in the main circuit is 5·6 A while the currents in the standard resistor and the load are 2·5 A and 4 A respectively. The supply voltage is 300 V. Calculate the power absorbed by the load and its power-factor.

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