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3). Another possibiHty for observing the paths of alpha particles is offered by the spinthariscope or the scintillation detector (Figs. 17). Using scintillation detectors, Geiger and Marsden investigated the scattering of alpha particles in matter, which we will now treat in detail. Fig. 3. Cloud chamber photograph of the track of an alpha particle, by Wilson. The particle passes through several cm of air without noticeable deflection. At the end of the track, we see two deflections; at the second, we can also see the short track of the target nucleus, which was accelerated to the right by the collision.

The scintillation processes may be observed through the magnifying lens Fig. 18. Schematic diagram of a scintillation detector. The light flashes which are produced in the scintillator by the incident radiation pass through the light guide to the photocathode of an electron multiplier tube. The photoelectrons which are released by the cathode are amplified in a series of steps and registered at the anode as a current pulse • 10^-fold, SO that per light quantum, about 10^ electrons are released from the anode.

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