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By David Twicken

The 8 outstanding channels are among the main attention-grabbing, ambiguous and clinically vital facets of chinese language drugs and Qigong. This e-book introduces the idea in the back of the channels, explains their scientific functions, and explores their psycho-emotional and religious features.

The writer additionally describes tips on how to domesticate the channels via Nei Gong. As a practitioner of chinese language drugs or acupuncturist, the most important to making powerful person therapies is having a large knowing of the channel pathways and the issues at the channels.

David Twicken presents therapy techniques, tools and case stories, delivering quite a few techniques to be able to supply the reader a superior beginning from which to hopefully create reliable cures. supplying a old point of view in addition to glossy insights, this ebook may be crucial interpreting for beginner in addition to skilled practitioners.

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Gong Sun is the opening point of the Chong channel. This is how Earth, or postnatal qi and blood, influences and shapes us. It is Earth shaping Water. It is the Spleen shaping the Jing of the Kidneys, by way of the Chong channel. Spleen 4 and the Earth channel influence our prenatal nature. The Spleen and Earth represent postnatal life and its influences. By cultivating our postnatal influences (our lifestyle), we influence the prenatal by adjusting the way postnatal influences prenatal. When we can allow the natural expression of our prenatal energetic properties in postnatal life, we are living our quest.

If you do not like yourself, your ancestors or lineage, or desire to be someone else, you do not like your Jing or Yuan qi. This not liking creates a deep polarity and imbalance, which can manifest in all three dimensions (three treasures) in your life. Imbalances in the Chong channel can influence deep, core aspects of your life. Acceptance of self, ancestors, and genetics is the beginning of health and harmony. It dissolves a deep polarity. Acceptance does not mean following beliefs or behaviors that you disagree with; it means acknowledging realities of your life.

The Chong moves Jing from prenatal to postnatal. The channel flows from the Kidneys to Qi Chong, Stomach 30. This is prenatal to postnatal, Kidneys to the Spleen, and Water to Earth. The Chong channel connects Jing and shen, the Kidneys and the Heart. The channel begins in the lower Dan Tian, the Sea of Qi. The lower Dan Tian is where the Kidneys are located; there is a pathway that flows from there to the chest and the Heart. That connection reflects Jing seeking shen. 47 48 Eight Extraordinary Channels This channel or circuit is the built-in channel structure for each of us to seek and live from shen (spirit); this is our quest.

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