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31. ) and I have not taken vengeance on the god. 32. "Hail Serekhi, who comest forth from Uthent, I have not multiplied my speech beyond what should be said. 33. , Lord of horns), who comest forth from Sauti, I have not committed fraud, [and I have not] looked upon evil. 34. "Hail Nefer−Tem, who comest forth from Ptah−het−ka (Memphis), I have never uttered curses against the king. 35. "Hail Tem−sep, who comest forth from Tattu, I have not fouled running water. 36. "Hail Ari−em−ab−f, Who comest forth from Tebti, I have not exalted my speech.

He whose face is behind him), who comest forth from the cavern and the deep, I have not carried off food by force. 13. , the double Nile source), who comest forth from the Underworld, I have not acted deceitfully. 14. e. lost my temper and become angry). 15. , the Fayyûm), I have invaded no [man's land]. 16. , Eater of blood), who comestforth from the house of the block, I have not slaughtered animals which are the possessions of God. 17. , Eater of entrails), who comest forth from Mâbet, I have not laid waste the lands which have been ploughed.

PTAH was one of the most active of the three great gods who carried out the commands of Thoth, who gave expression in words to the will of the primeval, creative Power; he was self−created, and was a form of the Sun−god Râ as the "Opener" of the day. From certain allusions in the Book of the Dead he is known to have "opened the mouth" of the gods, and it is in this capacity that he became a god of the cycle of Osiris. His feminine counterpart was the goddess SEKHET, and the third member of the triad of which he was the chief was NEFER−TEMU.

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