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By Anyen Rinpoche

During this booklet, Anyen Rinpoche offers useful info worthy to these eager to discover the intensity of the lessons on loss of life skillfully, in accord with the lessons of Tibetan Buddhism. Encouraging readers to in truth examine either existence and loss of life, and to think about our impermanence deeply, the writer exhibits us easy methods to use the very strategy of death to additional our objective of enlightenment, compassion, and a smart and gratifying lifestyles within the here-and-now

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If not, how will you work on this? Again, focus on anger or resentment by remaining mindful as these emotions arise. Work with any methods you have been given to cut through afflictive emotions. If this is difficult for you, ask your spiritual friend for advice. 30 - DYING WITH CONFIDENCE ... Contemplate this Past Month's Spiritual Practice in Terms of the View If you have received instructions from your lama on abiding in the view, or the nature of mind, assess your progress during the past month.

I want to emphasize here that we must focus on true Dharma and not become too attached to certain traditions. We should not fall into any extremes. While it is good to make a plan for what to do with the body after death, we should remember that once the consciousness has left the physical body, the body is no longer useful. We may be 36 - DYING WITH CONFIDENCE very attached to our bodies, but we cannot recycle them! Realized masters have no attachment to the physical body and are not concerned with what happens to it after they die.

Three times? Have you increased the number of times you remembered to practice? Has it become easier? If not, how will you improve your practice? Contemplate the Importance ofMastering the Mind Your mind must deal with every experience. Think about how attaining mastery over the mind will enable you to lose any fear of death. Come to the certainty that you must master your mind in order to die with confidence. Contemplate the Death of a Pet or Animal You Love Imagine that an animal you love very much is ill and close to dying.

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