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Most of our illustrations come from the probe in Area D7 excavated in 1953. This square appears to provide the clearest superpositional sequence with the least contamination. The earliest levels (D7, Level 10–8), produced metallic combed wares, which point to an EBII date (Getzov, Paz, and Gophna 2001: 15). These are also found in Area K and D110–112 in the earliest levels, which date to EBII. Area K, Phase 4 also produced two 6. The Early Bronze Age fragments of EBII Light Faced Painted Ware (Esse 1992: 107–9).

Scholars employing STA project the limits of energy expenditures and returns upon ancient peoples, based on the safe assumption that people in the past did not travel long distances to satisfy a daily need for staple items. Hence, threshold distances in terms of time or energy can be justified. The process of determining a site’s territory and its exploitation potential is fairly straightforward and was related by Vita-Finzi and Higgs in their seminal article (1970) and in a concise guide to fieldwork (Higgs 1975a: 223–24).

This technique caused all of the measurements across the slope to vary with the degree of the original slope of the tell. The excavators recorded one section in this area along the west section of squares D7, D8, and D9. Since this section is drawn to scale on a vertical plane, it allows us to estimate the actual placement of any wall that appears in this section. In addition, the 2004 survey plotted a series of points which enabled some rectification of this distortion. While only the section is accurately measured, we have assumed that the slope stayed similar across the area and that width measurements were not terribly distorted as they were measured on a relatively horizontal plane.

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