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This is often the 1st authored ebook to be devoted to the hot box of directed algebraic topology that arose within the Nineteen Nineties, in homotopy concept and within the idea of concurrent strategies. Its normal target might be said as 'modelling non-reversible phenomena' and its area could be unusual from that of classical algebraic topology by means of the primary that directed areas have privileged instructions and directed paths therein needn't be reversible. Its homotopical instruments (corresponding within the classical case to boring homotopies, primary workforce and primary groupoid) may be equally 'non-reversible': directed homotopies, basic monoid and basic classification. Homotopy structures take place the following in a directed model, which provides upward push to new 'shapes', like directed cones and directed spheres. purposes will care for domain names the place privileged instructions seem, together with rewrite structures, site visitors networks and organic platforms. the main built examples are available within the sector of concurrency.

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Consistently with faces (as checked above), trivial homotopies and reflection: H(0f ) = 0H (f ) , H(ϕop ) = (Hϕ)op . 3) k : HP → P H, kA = (HP A → P IHP A → P HIP A → P HA). 59). We say that H, equipped with the natural isomorphism i and the natural transformations h : IH → HI, k : KP → P K (mates under the adjunction I P ), is a lax dIP1-functor. A strong dI1-functor U : A → X between dI1-categories is a lax dI1functor whose comparisons are invertible. More particularly, U is strict if all comparisons are identities; then, the functor U commutes strictly with the structures RU = U R, IU = U I, eU = U e : IU = U I → U, ∂ α U = U ∂ α : U → IU = U I, rU = U r : IRU → IRU.

Our example (which is not needed for the sequel) will be based on the fact that the countable power A = ZN , also called the Specker group, is not free abelian, as proved by Specker [Sp], but has a jointly monic family of homomorphisms pi : A → Z, its projections. Take a free presentation (k, p) of A in Ab, and suppose for a contradiction that the monomorphism k : F1 → F0 has a cokernel q : F0 → F in fAb. F1 G k G F0 GG A y y q yy pi y  |y| yy r  F • • •G Z p This homomorphism q is surjective (since its image in F must be free) and factorises through the ordinary cokernel p : F0 → A, which yields a surjective homomorphism r : A → F .

Dually, the same is true of dP1-categories. However, developing the theory of dh1-categories, the advantage of having a self-dual setting would soon disappear. 8). 5); or, dually, the cocylinder as the homotopy pullback of two identities. More precisely, it is easy to prove that a dh1-category with all homotopy pushouts is the same as a dI1-category with all homotopy pushouts. 40 Directed structures and first-order homotopy properties This is why we prefer to work from the beginning with the cylinder or the path endofunctor.

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