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In line with the growth of data in biochemistry and molecular biology, the Second Edition of this reference has been thoroughly revised and up to date, with nearly 16,000 new entries. Names of particular compounds and different components were considerably enlarged, and definitions were accelerated for readability and precision. details is drawn from over 500 books and 1,000 articles, together with strategies of the fee on Biochemical Nomenclature, the overseas Union of natural and utilized Chemistry, and the foreign Union of Biochemistry. phrases utilized by biochemists from a extensive variety of sciences, corresponding to chemistry, immunology, genetics, virology, biophysics, and microbiology, are incorporated. Abbreviations, either regular and nonstandard, also are supplied, in addition to cross-referenced synonymous expressions.

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Abbr APA. apyrase The enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of ATP to AMP and two molecules of orthophosphate. apyrimidinic acid A DNA molecule from which the pyrimidines have been removed by treatment with hydrazine. aq Aqueous. aquametry The quantitative determination of water. aquated ion AQUO-ION. aquation The formation of aquo-ions. aqueous Of, or pertaining to, water. Abbr aq. aqueous humor The clear fluid that fills the anterior chamber of the eye. aqueous micelle See micelle. aqueous phase separator centrifugation An interface centrifugation in which particles are selectively transferred from a crude aqueous solution to a short isodensity column; used for the purification of viruses.

Aminotransferase TRANSAMINASE. amitosis A form of nuclear division in which a spindle is not formed, the nuclear membrane persists throughout the division, and the nucleus divides by constriction; occurs in the macronuclei of ciliates and in certain fungi. ammonia A colorless gas that is the major form in which nitrogen is utilizable by living cells. Ammonia is the first compound formed in biological nitrogen fixation and is also the end product of purine catabolism in some marine invertebrates and in crustaceans.

Aporepressor A protein that is the product of a regulator gene and that, when combined with a corepressor, forms an active represser which binds to the operator and inhibits transcription. a posteriori Proved by induction; of, or pertaining to, (a) reasoning that derives principles from observed facts; (b) knowledge that cannot be acquired except by experience; (c) tests in which comparisons are unplanned and are made only after experimental results are obtained. apparent competitive inhibition A competitive inhibition of enzyme activity in which the presence of the inhibitor on the enzyme affects the affinity of the enzyme for the substrate.

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