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She shouted at Hellion. The kitten sat on the unmade bed watching her. If Maggie didnt know any better shed think the littlepoot was worried about her. Im in a really bad mood. Not as bad as Sarahs. She threw me out of the office because I was purring too loudly. The cat looked offended. Are you sure shes only seven months? She looks like shes going to give birth any second. I know, I know. Shes humongous. But she can type, do spells, and shoot people. Shes too good an assistant to give up because shes getting ready to pop out a demon.

Kicking immortal ass is so much easier than hiring an assistant. Im six months along, said Miss Sarah LynnTraynor . Maggie looked at the young womans huge stomach. Youre shitting me. You look ready to pop. What the hell do you have in there? The Anti-Christ. Her tone was matter-of-fact and her lips didnt twitch into a smile. Maggie resisted,barely, rolling her eyes. Okay, look. I know dealing with the Otherworld is weird, but Im not taking onlooneys . Im not insane, said Sarah. She didnt sound offended.

Every Sunday until her mothers death, they came to this tiny church and listened to the pastor talk about sin and about redemption. How small her world had been then. How beautiful and perfect. Yeah. Ignorance really had been bliss. Maggie? She turned, her hands twisting around the rickety railing, and faced Raphael. He moved silently out of the shadows. How long had he been standing there, watching her? It was past midnight. Shed had a lousy night of demon hunting, haunted more than usual by the ghosts of her past.

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