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By Doug Dildy, John White

On nine April 1940, German forces invaded Denmark, after which Norway, in an try and safe the important mineral assets of Scandinavia for his or her warfare undefined. This attack, Operation Weser¿bung, represents the 1st joint air-land-and-sea crusade within the background of war, and used to be the one such crusade deliberate, introduced, and accomplished through the 3 providers of the Wehrmacht. It additionally integrated using the rarest of German armoured autos, the Naubaufahrzeug NbFz.A/B (PzKw V/VI) experimental 'land battleship'.
This e-book describes the occasions of this tumultuous crusade that not just ended in Winston Churchill's appointment as British best Minister, but in addition observed the crippling of the German Kriegsmarine as a combating strength, because it used to be decreased to a fleet of submarines and a handful of heavy warships used as trade raiders.

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