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By Eugène Delacroix, Peter Russell

Собрание произведений (более two hundred) Эжена Делакруа, французского живописца и графика, одного из основателей романтического направления в европейской живописи. The chief of the French Romantic university of paintings, Eugene Delacroix was once influential within the improvement of either Impressionist and Post-Impressionist portray, generating old and modern masterpieces that might switch the process paintings. This booklet offers Delacroix’s whole work in appealing element, with concise introductions and enormous quantities of top of the range photographs. * the whole work of Eugene Delacroix — over 2 hundred work, absolutely listed and organized in chronological and alphabetical order * contains reproductions of many infrequent works * Enlarged ‘Detail’ photographs, permitting you to discover Delacroix’s celebrated works intimately. * detailed chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the full work

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When complementary colours are placed side by side in close and thin brush strokes they blend together in the eye and become a diffuse gray, more effective than a gray that is the result of a mix. Throughout the painting, Delacroix uses complementary colours, such as the complementary blue and green of the women’s’ clothes, placed next to each other to create the strongest contrast for those particular two colours. Delacroix was one of the first artists to employ this technique to such a great extent and his works would have a lasting influence on the Impressionists and other subsequent artists.

In The Death of Sardanapalus Delacroix had taken this convention even further, warping the scene of suicide into a dramatic, chaos-ridden mass-suicide. Delacroix himself was delighted with the finished painting, though many critics felt he had gone too far; this time the French state chose not to purchase the canvas. Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Ruins at ancient Nineveh, modern day northern Iraq LIBERTY LEADING THE PEOPLE Universally regarded as Delacroix’s masterpiece, Liberty Leading the People commemorates the July Revolution of 1830, which resulted in the ousting of King Charles X of France, following his tyrannical repression of election laws.

The painting explores psychological contrasts to highlight different responses. Virgil is visibly detached from the tumult surrounding him, but instead uses his right arm to comfort Dante, showing concern for his companion’s well-being, serving as a counterpoint to the other’s fear and notable unrest. The choppy waters are filled with the twisted forms of the damned, who in a mindless frenzy seek to overturn or interrupt the voyage. Their pallid skins, contorted forms and demonic faces are undoubtedly the most prominent aspects of the entire canvas.

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