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Ethics and Power in Medieval English Reformist Writing

The past due medieval Church obliged all Christians to rebuke the sins of others, particularly those that had energy to self-discipline in Church and nation: monks, confessors, bishops, judges, the Pope. this tradition, within which the injured celebration needed to confront the wrong-doer at once and privately, was once referred to as fraternal correction.

Der Same Seths: Hans-Martin Schenkes "Kleine Schriften" zu Gnosis, Koptologie und Neuem Testament

In the course of a life of scholarship and instructing, Hans-Martin Schenke produced numerous courses within the fields of latest testomony, Gnosticism, and Coptology. This selection of his essays and ebook stories bears witness to his love for the linguistic features of Coptology and illustrates his wide-ranging curiosity within the improvement of early Christianity.

The Northern Crusades: Second Edition

The 'Northern Crusades', encouraged by way of the Pope's demand a Holy conflict, are much less celebrated than these within the center East, yet they have been additionally extra profitable: colossal new territories grew to become and stay Christian, comparable to Finland, Estonia and Prussia. Newly revised within the gentle of the hot advancements in Baltic and northerly medieval examine, this authoritative review presents a balanced and compelling account of a tumultuous period.

Francisca de los Apóstoles: the inquisition of Francisca : a sixteenth-century visionary on trial

Encouraged by means of a sequence of visions, Francisca de los Apóstoles (1539-after 1578) and her sister Isabella tried in 1573 to prepare a beaterio, a lay neighborhood of pious girls dedicated to the spiritual existence, to supply prayers and penance for the reparation of human sin, specifically these of corrupt clerics.

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Today it’s deserted and the springs are dry. Disaster, disaster, disaster today . . we are witnessing a disaster. Misery, misery, misery. Read those words again, read them carefully and slowly, and let the pain of each of them seep deep down into your bones. Muster every ounce of empathy inside of you as you read them again and imagine you’re hearing your own child singing these awful words. Don’t simply read, but feel them with all the feeling you have inside of you: Our water spring has been ruined by ISIS.

For the next eighteen months, Kayla’s family received occasional communication that she was alive. Then, on February 10, 2015, Kayla’s grieving family released a statement confirming their daughter had been executed. In the last letter they received, Kayla wrote, “I remember Mom always telling me that all in all, in the end, the only one you really have is God. ” It is with Kayla’s concluding words that I start this book: “I have a lot of fight left inside of me. I am not breaking down and I will not give in no matter how long it takes.

He was a faithful Christian pastor who hadn’t a vein of violence in his body. But what he did have was love for those he’d served for so long—a love that waged on despite the hatred encompassing his city. There once were many pastors like him in Syria. That country’s Christian communities had thrived since Paul himself preached in Damascus after his conversion on the road to that ancient city. In fact, it was in Syria that the word “Christian” was first used at all. Within the Middle East, Syria was once as famous for its two million Christians as it was for anything else.

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