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As detective Superintendent Mark Pemberton investigates the dying of a lady nick named The Princess, he reveals himself asking an analogous query time and time back. coincidence or homicide? The final of the rich Milverdale relations, The Princess has been discovered shot within the grounds of her property. was once the bullet that killed her a stray from an area poacher's gun? Or did somebody intentionally got down to shoot her useless? Pemberton quickly starts to suspect homicide as he uncovers unsavoury rumours which recommend there are various who would need The Princess damage - and the dissolution of the Milverdale property potential tenants are entitled to shop for their homes, revealing but extra suspects. still, Pemberton turns into confident that the most important to her demise is a deep kin mystery. may possibly there be an inheritor? And could a inheritor do something to realize his inheritance - comparable to making The Princess's dying appear like a sad coincidence?

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