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The speculation of the 3 estates made transparent differences among the services of the 2 estates which comprised the elite of medieval society: the oradores (ecclesiastics) and the defensores (warriors or nobility). that they had diverse life, garments and methods of pondering lifestyles. with reference to dying, the responses dictated through Christian theology conflicted with the calls for of the defensor ideology, in keeping with the defence of person honour, the pursuit of fama and the show of earthly energy. This booklet charts the growth of the loss of life from their arrangements for loss of life, via their 'good' or 'bad' deaths, to their burials and otherworldly fates and in addition analyses the responses of the bereaved. by using pre-fifteenth-century texts it truly is attainable to illustrate that the clash among the orador and defensor ideologies didn't commence within the 15th century, yet really had a miles older beginning, and it's endorsed that the clash endured after 1500. Textual assets comprise the Siete partidas, wills, chronicles, non secular works equivalent to the Arte de bien morir and literary works comparable to C?rcel de Amor and Celestina.

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And related terms in a wide range of European languages, is a standard term for “to come to a sexual climax”, with dar muerte, perder la vida as recognizable variants in appropriate contexts’ (1985: 54). 31 ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ “book” — 2004/4/19 — 23:48 — page 24 — #32 ✐ ✐ 24 LAURA VIVANCO to play in spite of their subordinate position was to be very great indeed’ (van Kleffens 1968: 217). When the Leyes de Toro were promulgated in 1505 the Partidas retained their position as the legal text of last recourse (van Kleffens 1968: 232–34).

Rresçiba la muerte, e con mucha pasçiençia, conformando su voluntad de todo en todo con la voluntad de Dios. E así bien e seguramente podrá morir. (Arte ‘N’ 1990: 151) Unfortunately for the dying, this patience and endurance were not easily achieved. Although some died with relatively little physical pain, for others it was a slow and agonizing process, as in the case of Enrique IV: dióle un tan grand dolor de costado, y tan agudo que ningún reposo ni sosiego le dexaba tener; en tanto grado, que siempre le fue cresciendo, e nunca menguando, e duróle aquel dolor por espacio de diez horas.

Fray Martín de Córdoba, quoted above, could draw a parallel between the Devil and the damned because both had made an immutable choice to turn away from God, a choice immutable because of their condition as pure spirits. As Jeffrey Burton Russell explains of the devils, ‘they are purely spiritual beings and do not possess the mobility of nature proper to humans. 6). 13 ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ “book” — 2004/4/19 — 23:48 — page 34 — #42 ✐ ✐ 34 LAURA VIVANCO ‘algunas vezes la muerte es tan provechosa que satisfaze por los pecados mortales’ (Arte ‘N’ 1990: 164).

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