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In Calvin Trillin's antic stories of relations lifestyles, she was once portrayed because the spouse who had "a bizarre predilection for restricting our kinfolk to 3 nutrients a day" and the mum who inspiration that in case you didn't visit each functionality of your child's college play, "the county may come and take the kid.

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In October 1827, 9 convicts who had persisted years of incredible cruelty by the hands of the method opted for "state-assisted" break out. 5 terrified witnesses—their fingers and toes bound—were pressured to monitor because the chained convicts seized Constable George Rex and drowned him within the tannin-stained waters of the harbour.

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In early April, he was upset by Fretilin's evident repudiation of one key plank of their joint platform, that of calling on Portugal to remain and help develop the territory during the transition to independence. There were out.. breaks of violence as Fretilin tried to recruit party members in the countryside. Fretilin was seeking the replacement of district leaders identified with UDT. UDT secretary-general Domingos Oliveira threatening to break the coalition. ) Lopes da Cruz was also irked by the way Fretilin was co-opting foreignvisitors--,principally 18 DEATH IN BALIBO, LIES IN CANBERRA Australian· journalists, trade unionists and members of parliament-'-and presenting them as its guests and supporters.

The move ·did little to allay suspicions on Fretilin's side. In a critical development, Fretilin members occupied the military training centre in the mountain town of Aileu on 18 August. The . Timorese soldiers there and in nearby Maubisse declared themselves for Fretilin,- as did most of the local troops in Dili at the urging of the most senior Timorese in the army, Lt Rogerio Lobato, A PUSH INTO WAR 25 whose brother Nicolau was a senior Fretilin leader. This gave'Fretilin the immediate, overwhelming advantage of, a ready-trained army of over 3000 soldiers, equipped with NATO--pattern semi-automatic rifles, mortars, bazookas and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Suharto's favoured approach to war and politics led him to lecture his generals at this crucial stage on what he saw as lessons of the Javanese and Hindu classics. His faith that events would throw up a less costly way to control Timor was said to be derived in part from the advice of his spiritual teacher and political counsellor Lt-Gen. Sujono Humardani-East Timor would inevitably 'fall' into Indonesia's hands. While selected units of the armed forces were put on alert, Indonesia began a complicated diplomatic campaign.

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