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By Simon Parkin

In Canada, volunteers are elevating cash for charity through enjoying marathon stints of Penn & Teller's Desert Bus, most likely the worst online game ever created.

Across the globe, hundreds of thousands of audience music in to Kurt J. Mac's epic yet likely unnecessary voyage in the direction of the outer geographical regions of Minecraft's procedurally-generated global.

In Iraq, moms inspire their teenagers to go into Call of Duty competitions to maintain them off the bomb-ravaged streets of Baghdad.

And in Taiwan, a spate of deaths at gaming cafés is elevating questions on what taking part in games does to us.

In Death through Video Game, popular gaming journalist Simon Parkin delves into the lives of obsessive avid gamers to reply to the query: why can we spend such a lot of hours of our lives in digital playgrounds?

Telling the tales of avid gamers and the builders who create the worlds they obsessively inhabit, Death via Video Game is a window at the human tales that experience made games the twenty-first century's so much shiny cultural medium.

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This focus became their destruction, because it ignored their true power and appeal, their ability to bring a crowd together to watch a masterly performance. Video games are closer to music than film in this regard. Games and music both allow their performers to interpret the experience that the creator devised, adding personal inflections and character to make the piece their own. They allow their players to accent, to flex, to showboat, to be virtuoso. In this sense arcades were the public venues for video-game performance, where a skilled player could show off their talent to a watching crowd.

Nintendo, however, was unable to obtain the rights to the American comic strip so Miyamoto was instead asked to invent his own character for the game. Drawing inspiration from the classic 1933 film King Kong and the fable Beauty and the Beast, he constructed a simple story involving a gorilla that had escaped from its cage and kidnapped the player character’s girlfriend, Pauline. In the story, the gorilla climbed to the top of a seven-storey construction site and began hurling barrels at his pursuer below.

Then there are those who come here not for nostalgia, or for a beery lesson in interactive history. Rather, they come for something else, something more alive and current. Because here, in the monolithic permanence of the high-score table (many of which still proudly display the three-letter initials of players who recorded their scores in years gone by), some of the video-game form’s primal appeal can be found. Hank Chien is a plastic surgeon from New York. He specialises in reshaping his patients’ eyes to create a crease in the upper eyelid.

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