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By Claire Lefebvre

Considering that creole languages draw their houses from either their substrate and superstrate assets, the typological type of creoles has lengthy been an immense factor for creolists, typologists, and linguists mostly. numerous contradictory proposals were recommend within the literature. for instance, creole languages typologically pair with their superstrate languages (Chaudenson 2003), with their substrate languages (Lefebvre 1998), or maybe, creole languages are alike (Bickerton 1984) such that they represent a “definable typological category” (McWhorter 1998). This publication comprises 25 chapters touching on particular comparisons of a few 30 creoles and their substrate languages. because the substrate languages of those creoles are typologically varied, the precise research of substrate positive factors within the creoles ends up in a specific resolution to the query of ways creoles could be categorized typologically. the majority of the knowledge convey that creoles reproduce the typological gains in their substrate languages. This argues that creoles can't be claimed to represent a definable typological classification.

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Haitian Creole does not have tones but it has a complex accentual system (Brousseau 2003). Another complexity of the prosodic systems of creoles is brought up by Lim. In her study of tones in Singlish, Lim investigates the possibility that the presence of a high tone in Singlish might not be attributable only to its tonal substrate languages, but also to the intonation pattern of Malay, its non-tonal substrate. In the same vein, the syllable structures of creoles constitute a problem for typologists.

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