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By Ernest W. Flick

Describes approximately 4,000 cosmetics ingredients for commercial use, compiled from details from eighty four brands and vendors. The cosmetics and private care items has a $60 billion marketplace around the globe, and destiny progress is anticipated. within the US the industry breaks down approximately into: hair care, 20%; fragrances, 20%; skincare, 14%; make-up, 17%; deodorants and epidermis and physique creams, 10%; and oral care items, 10%. progress is predicted in items focusing on ethnic markets and dealing ladies. The booklet lists the next product info, as to be had, within the manufacturer's personal phrases: (1) corporation identify and product type, (2) exchange identify and product quantity, (3) Product description. additionally incorporated are a alternate identify Index and a listing of providers' Addresses.

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1,800 Solidification point (DAB7): approx. 25C Active matter: 98% min. water: 70/30): approx. 6-7 pH (5% in methanol/ Colour Gardner: 5 max. Density (30C): approx. 0,96 g/cm3 Flashpoint (Pensky Martens): approx. 167C Appearance: This non-ionic high molecular product is solid at room temperature. It has to be slightly heated up to 30C and mixed thoroughly before use. ELFACOS E200 has a weak odour and is stable against weak acids and bases and oxidizing influences. Solubility: Soluble: In various Substances, used in cosmetics, sometimes at elevated temperatures: vase1ine peanut oil carnauba wax soya oil olive oil microcrystalline wax castor oil sorbitan ester ethanol paraffin oil Dispersable: glycerine sorbito1 propylene glycol Suggested Use: To emulsify water in oil in all cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulae, ELFACOS E200 does an effective job especially in those cases where a relatively high percentage active matter (like sodium chloride, urea, propylene glycol and salicylic acid) containing emulsions are needed.

CYCLOCHEM EGMS: Glycol Stearate Form: Flakes Melting Range C: 5 7 - 6 2 CYCLOCHEM SEG: Glycol Stearate Form: Flakes Melting Range C: 5 5 - 6 0 Pearlizing agent in shampoos, liquid handsoaps, and liquid detergent products. A l s o serves as emulsion stabilizer and viscosity builder in these systems. CYCLOSHEEN 2 0 2 : Glycol Stearate, Emulsifiers Form: Lotion/Paste Pearl concentrate for cold blend formulations. Also contains viscosity building, foam boosting, and conditioning agents. Emulsifiers, Viscosity Builders: CYCLOCHEM NI: Emulsifying Wax Form: Flakes Melting Range C: 4 8 - 5 1 CYCLOCHEM POL: Emulsifying Wax Form: Solid Melting Range C: 4 8 - 5 2 Nonionic emulsifying waxes used in creams, lotions, and ointments.

SIPON MA 360: Ammonium Laureth ( 3 ) Sulfate % Activity: 5 8 Economical concentrated ALES base with excellent hard water tolerance. Commonly used in shampoo, bath, and personal care products. Also widely used in light duty cleansers, liquid dishwash, and fabric washes. Alcolac ALCOLAC: SIPON Lauryl Sulfates and Lauryl Ether Sulfates (Continued): Lauryl Ether Sulfates(Continued): SIPON ESY: Sodium Laureth (1) Sulfate % Activity: 25 SIPON ES 2: Sodium Laureth ( 2 ) Sulfate % Activity: 26 SIPON ES: Sodium Laureth ( 3 ) Sulfate % Activity: 27 Cosmetic grade SLES used in mild shampoos, bath products, skin cleansers, handsoaps, and high foaming toiletries.

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