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Volunteering as a adolescence football trainer could be a nice adventure, either for you and your squad. yet what if you've by no means coached prior to? Don't fear! This pleasant consultant explains football ideas, indicates you the way to technique training, and offers you sensible tips on enhancing your team's football abilities and inspiring stable sportsmanship.

Discover how to

Understand football rules
Develop a training philosophy
Teach football fundamentals
Run nice practices
Lead your group in the course of a game
Communicate successfully with mom and dad

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While Gilbert (2002) and Solomon et al. (1998) differed on the amount of research that has focused on feedback, they did agree that much of the research was undertaken in the 1980s when effectiveness research was very fashionable. An aim of the coaching effectiveness research was to ‘identify specific behaviors exhibited by coaches and to determine their influence on various achievement and psychological outcomes’ (Amorose and Weiss 1998: 396). One behaviour that received attention was the feedback, in particular the verbal feedback, a coach provided to athletes.

Having said that, Jones et al. (2004) point out that the ‘front’ coaches put up is important in maintaining credibility. Therefore, it is possible that if a coach often visibly ‘stopped and thought’ it would interfere with his or her persona of being a credible coach. A second way that thinking is supposed to interfere with doing is the perception that when we think about an action we over analyse it and, consequently, lose the flow of the action. We acknowledge that it is possible, if there is an extended action-present period, that excess thought can interrupt the flow of the action.

Further, coaches use verbal feedback to provide encouragement, guide athletes’ explorations, introduce strategic concepts, and educate athletes as to where, and on what, to place their attention. To provide this diverse range of information to athletes it is useful for coaches to have some pedagogical and sociological understanding of feedback and the consequences verbal feedback can have on athletes. Verbal feedback is one example of augmented feedback, which is defined as ‘information provided to a learner from an external source that describes the outcome of a performance and/or the quality of the performance’ (Rose 1997: 265, emphasis added).

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