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By George A. Selleck

Trainer feel: training to Make a distinction is an easy-to-read and observe source that may enable coaches to enhance their effectiveness because it is helping them develop into the type of trainer who makes a good, lasting impression at the younger athletes they paintings with. comprises chapters on what makes a winning trainer, tips on how to comprehend, converse, educate, and encourage athletes, figuring out and selling workforce dynamics, making plans and organizing high-caliber perform classes, the nuts and bolts of activities administration, necessities of workout technological know-how, development a supportive activities group, and lots more and plenty, even more. huge layout with 50 transparent pictures and illustrations

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Now, the athletes are going to play whether you’re the coach or not. They love to play [football] and one of the reasons they want to play … is to associate with their teammates, the fraternal part of the game where they bond together. ” TIPS FROM THE TRENCHES Learn the developmental characteristics of the age group you work with. Remember that—Tiger Woods to the contrary—it is often difficult to predict what young will be like in the future. When communicating with another person, remember that your truth doesn’t cancel theirs.

Use it as an end-of-season performance review. Have your athletes, assistant coaches, and others evaluate how well you did at embodying your coaching philosophy on a daily basis. Review your philosophy after the end of every season to see if anything needs changing or updating. The discovery of what is true and the practice of that which is good are the two most important aims of philosophy. — Voltaire YOUR COACHING STYLE What Kind of Leader Are You? If your philosophy is how you feel about things, your style is the way you carry those feelings out.

Read the following list of objectives and circle the ones that are most important to you. Developing each player’s athletic potential Helping athletes master sports skills Helping athletes recognize and seek intrinsic rewards (self-knowledge that grows out of self-competition) rather than extrinsic rewards (awards, attention from others) Developing a sports program that athletes enjoy being part of Using sport to teach life skills Using sport to help athletes do better in school Making sure athletes are prepared to compete Developing a winning team/program Helping athletes understand the difference between winning and success Encouraging team spirit, cooperation, and sportsmanship Watching athletes grow as individuals Providing experiences that test athletes to their limits Building a program that is inclusive and expansive Using sports to strengthen and/or give back to the community Establishing positive relationships with parents Encouraging meaningful parent involvement in the team community Using sport to teach values Establishing a lifelong habit of physical fitness in athletes Using sport to learn more about yourself Making the sports experience fun Helping athletes focus on the journey or process of sport, rather than the destination or results Being a positive example to athletes and other members of the sports community Establishing a winning reputation Using coaching as a way to stay close to sport Continually increasing sports and coaching knowledge and skills Next, think about the coaches that have influenced you.

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