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By B. E. Juel-Jensen (auth.), Professor Dr. Erik De Clercq (eds.)

Antiviral chemotherapy has come of age, and, after an preliminary gradual professional­ gress, the advance of recent antiviral brokers has proceeded at a extra quick speed and the views for his or her medical use have elevated significantly. Now, 25 years after the 1st antiviral assay (idoxuridine) was once brought within the medical institution, it really is becoming to commemorate the start of the antivirals' period. In its introductory bankruptcy B.E. Juel-Jensen touches on what could be con­ sidered as 5 of the main primary necessities of an antiviral drug : efficacy, relative non-toxicity, effortless solubility, prepared availability and rea­ sonable price. absolutely, the antiviral medicines that experience thus far been utilized in the health center may nonetheless be better upon as a number of of those 5 crucial calls for are involved. How is all begun is narrated by way of W.H. Prusoff. the 1st antiviral medicinal drugs for use in people have been methisazone and idoxuridine, the previous, that is now of archival curiosity, within the prevention of smallpox, the latter, which used to be licensed for medical use within the usa in 1962, for the topical therapy of herpetic keratitis. by way of efficiency, additionally due to solubility purposes, idoxuridine has been outmoded by means of trifluridine within the topical remedy of herpes simplex epithelial keratitis. H.E. Kaufman didn't locate trifluridine or acyclovir ef­ fective within the therapy of deep stromal keratitis or iritis and he reckons that different antiviral medications (i.e. bromovinyldeoxyuridine) wouldn't be effec­ tive either.

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