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By Joseph Wybran, Maurice J. Staquet

Medical Tumor Immunology comprises the court cases of the Symposium of medical Tumor Immunology held in Brussels, Belgium, on may perhaps 26-29, 1975) and arranged by means of the ecu association for learn on therapy of melanoma in cooperation with the dep. of Immunology of the college medical institution of Brussels. The papers discover development within the box of scientific tumor immunology and canopy issues starting from common mechanisms in tumor immunity to tumor antigens and immunotherapy. A category of leukemias and lymphomas can be presented.

Comprised of forty eight chapters, this publication starts off with an summary of the organic actions of the circulating thymic hormone, through a dialogue on macrophage secretions affecting the expansion of different cells. The reader is then brought to immune mobile mechanisms on the web site of the tumor; using the leukocyte migration method in experiences of tumor-directed mobile immunity in malignant cancer; and immunological ways to the id of leukemic cells. next chapters take care of preclinical ways in tumor immunochemotherapy; mediation of immune responses to human tumor antigens with "immune" RNA; and the function of move consider human cancer.

This monograph should be of curiosity to oncologists and immunologists.

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