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By P. J. M. Guelen, E. van der Kleijn, U. Woudstra (auth.), Dr. H. Schneider, Prof. Dr. D. Janz, C. Gardner-Thorpe M. D., H. Meinardi Ph. D., A. L. Sherwin Ph. D. (eds.)

"He who's faithfully analysing ... epi­ lepsy is doing excess of learning epilepsy" Hughlings Jackson editing this recognized assertion via Jackson, you will say this day: "He who's faithfully analysing anti-epileptic medicinal drugs is doing excess of learning anti-epileptic drugs". For those medicinal drugs not just serve to avoid epileptic suits and therefore develop the remedy of epilepsy, also they are potent within the therapy of cardiac arrhythmias and trigeminal neuralgia. in addition, medical pharmacologists reflect on anti-epi­ leptic medications as version medicinal drugs in pharmacokinetics and pharmocodynamics, on account that trustworthy equipment can be found for his or her decision and their results and part­ results may be outlined. The equipment of estimating of substances in physique fluids supply a device that allows us to throw mild on many vague relationships in pharmaceutical remedy. Now that we will be able to examine the pharmacokinetics and interplay of substances in guy, many hypotheses in accordance with medical adventure on my own may be eradicated or corroborated. The develop­ ing physique of data will make us extra cautious in regards to the management of gear together. Now that we will learn how organic parameters intrude with drug motion, we may possibly continue to the medical research of many scientific observations that recommend the significance of such components as age, intercourse, menstrual cycle, being pregnant, fever, vitamin, rigidity, recreation, weather, and altitude.

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But we started this "unit dose" to ensure better patients' compliance than before. I would like to draw your attention to a study of Linkewich et al. [Linkewich, J. , Catalans, R. , Flack, H. : Out-patient compliance with medication regimens. Drug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy 8, 10 (1974)] who investigated compliance with, in this case, instructions for an antibiotic that was prescribed to out patients. Patient compliance was best enforced by contraceptive-pill-like blister package accompanied by good instructions.

S. as well as in the peripheral nerves (Fig. 8). Similar to the distribution of the benzodiazepines, the drug can be found in the fibre tracts connecting the cerebellum, medulla oblongata and thalamus [47] . Like Pb, DPH, primidone and clonazepam, the drug accumulates in the ligaments. A relatively high concentration can be demonstrated in the uveal layer of the eye including the ciliary body. This observation can be correlated with the reports of Lindquist and Ullberg [24] who documented a similar effect of other tricyclic drugs in pigmented animals.

The rate of metabolism by the microsomal enzymes depends on the temperature of the medium and the stability of the preparation [36]. When a metabolic reaction is carried out at different concentrations and at different temperatures in vitro, the activation energy of a particular metabolic pathway Drug Interactions at the Metabolic Level 35 can be measured according to the Arrhenius equation [36]. The parameters of a reaction - Ks, Km, Vmax and EA - may be used to explain drug interaction and drug inhibition.

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