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By B. Pomeranz (auth.), Gabriel Stux M.D., Richard Hammerschlag Ph. D. (eds.)

There is a huge raise in curiosity in acupuncture by means of overall healthiness care shoppers. the 3 major purposes for this are scientific effectiveness, fee effectiveness and the credibility that medical trials and physiological examine have supplied. Acupuncture is speedily relocating out of the world of "alternative" drugs, largely back since it is grounded extra firmly than different replacement remedies in learn. The ebook offers the reader with the up to date details at the scientific bases of acupuncture.

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6 Activation of the Spinal Acupuncture Analgesia Afferent Pathway by Morphine [8, 11, 12, 14, 18] Potentials evoked in the D-PAG by stimulation of acupoints are blocked by contralateral lesions of the anterolateral tract or by intrathecal administration of the antiserum to methionine (met)-enkephalin. These potentials are also blocked by naloxone but not by the administration of antisera to leucine-enkephalin or dynorphin [18] (Fig. 12), supporting the involvement of a met-enkephalin pathway activated by morphine.

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