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By T. H. L. Parker

John Calvin (1509-64) effect reaches from the Reformation to Karl Barth and past. extraordinary as biblical student, preacher and sensible Church reformer, Calvin meant all his paintings to serve the notice of God. even though couched in sixteenth century phrases, his theology drew at the wealth of prior Christian inspiration and is still suitable to the location of the Church today.This ebook is a entire advent to the entire diversity of Calvin's theology. focusing on Calvin's significant paintings The Institutes of the Christian faith, Parker explains it really is relevance to Christians of all occasions. This quantity will supply readers an entire and severe experience of Calvin either as a Christian and as a thinker.>

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L, 6031-611). Using another metaphor, Scripture is like a pair of spectacles. If you have bad eyesight you cannot read even the most beautiful print. Put on your spectacles and it all becomes clear. The universe is God's most beautiful and clear handwriting. Mankind lacks the eyes to decipher it. Learn from Scripture the relationship between God and the universe, and the signs of his Divinity will everywhere become clear. Scripture is not merely 'another help', but also a 'better help', for in it God reveals himself as the Creator; that is, he does not merely teach his people to look to a God, but shows himself as the God to whom they are to look.

The third and effectual possibility is to be taught by God himself: 'For anyone to arrive at God the Creator he needs Scripture as his Guide and Teacher', as the title of chapter vi puts it. When God had chosen the Jews as his own flock he enclosed them within the pale of the Law to keep them from straying out into the religions and morals of their neighbours. l, 6031-611). Using another metaphor, Scripture is like a pair of spectacles. If you have bad eyesight you cannot read even the most beautiful print.

The passage just quoted ends with proof from John 1:1, to the effect that there would be no point in the words 'and the Word was with God' if the Word were simply God, with no property of his own. The name 'God' used indefinitely refers to the Son and the Spirit as well as to the Father. There is, therefore, a relationship or relatedness in the being of God. 6,1162*-30). There is no need to follow the detailed demonstration from Scripture of the Deity, first of the Son, then of the Spirit. We merely note that the demonstration is from Scripture and that it fits contemporary conditions rather than those of earlier centuries.

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